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West Point Museum is considered to be the oldest and largest diversified public collection of militaria in the Western Hemisphere.

The Museum of Connecticut History is part of the Connecticut State Library and houses the original Colt factory collection.

The Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House is an historical and unique institute. This web site has assembled a store of documents and artefacts of real interest.

VMI Museum The 15,000 artifacts in the historical collection chronicles the creation and development of VMI and the amazing contributions of alumni to history. Many items in the collection have been presented over the past 140 years by the individuals who used them. Areas of special focus include: Cadet Uniforms and Equipage, The Henry Stewart 19th Century Antique Firearms Collection, VMI Involvement in the Civil War, Military and Civilian Accomplishments of National Importance, and "Stonewall" Jackson at VMI.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art The collection of armor, edged weapons, and firearms in The Metropolitan Museum of Art ranks with those of the other great armories of the world, in Vienna, Madrid, Dresden, and Paris. It consists of approximately 15,000 objects that range in date from about 400 B.C. to the nineteenth century.

The Wallace Collection is both a national museum and the finest private collection of art ever assembled by one family. It was bequeathed to the nation by Lady Wallace, widow of Sir Richard Wallace, in 1897, and opened to the public just over three years later on 22 June 1900. Among its treasures are one of the best collections of French 18th-century pictures, porcelain and furniture in the world, a remarkable array of 17th-century paintings and a superb armoury.

Royal Armouries The Royal Armouries collection has its origins in the arsenal of the British army preserved at the Tower of London. The collections at present comprise about 50,000 objects.

The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection This collection is the foremost American collection of material devoted to the history and iconography of soldiers and soldiering and to the study of military and naval uniforms. It was formed over a period of forty years by the late Mrs. John Nicholas Brown (1906-1985) of Providence and is still growing. It contains approximately 12,000 printed books, 18,000 albums, sketchbooks, scrapbooks and portfolios, (containing thousands of prints and drawings), and over 13,000 individual prints, drawings and water-colors as well as a collection of 5,000 miniature lead soldiers. Formerly in the Brown family residence (the Nightingale-Brown House, 1791), the entire collection (which was probably the largest private military collection in the world), was presented to Brown University and transferred to Special Collections located in the John Hay Library in 1982.

The National Firearms Museum Like no other institution, the National Firearms Museum proudly illustrates America's priceless heritage of firearms, freedom and the American experience.

The U.S. Army Museums This page lists the various Army museums and provides a link to the Army museum directory page.

The Frazier Historical Arms Museum features ten centuries of exquisitely crafted arms and armor from Europe and America: 11th to early 20th centuries. This remarkable collection boasts the weapons of famous politicians and celebrities, noted frontiersmen and soldiers. Many of the artifacts are decorated by well known artists, making them not only marvels of engineering, but also great works of art. Simply put, their mission is: to tell the American story, including its European and British foundations, through the artifacts of historical arms. The Frazier Historical Arms Museum has collaborated with the Royal Armouries - Britain's national collection of arms and armor - to bring you this unique presentation. The Royal Armouries exhibit at the museum will tell the story of English and European arms and armor, and shows their influence on the design and development of American weapons.

The Cody Firearms Musuem at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West houses the most comprehensive collection of American firearms in the world.

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Firearms Safety

Gun Safety for Parents

Firearms and Related Items
Discussion Boards, Resources, Research & Collecting

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Begin at the Trapdoor Collector website for information on, of course, collecting trapdoors.

Military Rifles is a page dedicated to the description of military rifles from countries other than the United States dating from 1865-1888 and using black powder metallic cartridges.

Visit the Macon Armory Site which provides a wide variety of information relating to the Macon Armory. This site also includes a link to Spiller & Burr information.

The Johnson Rifle Site  provides an abundance of information about the Johnson Rifle including its history, development, and combat usage. The collector will also find useful identification, operation, and patent data.

Historic Textiles Studio  The Studio is capable of evaluating a wide range historic textiles and performing both restoration and conservation. They utilize both stereoscopic and microscopic procedures, and their conservator, Lynn Lancaster Gorges, is well known to the Civil War community for her outstanding conservation techniques. While Civil War military flags and uniforms are their specialty, they also work on quilts, articles of clothing and a wide range of other textiles.

Remington Society of America An organization dedicated to the collection and study of Remington firearms, ammunition and history.

Krag Collectors Association Dedicated to the continuing study, collecting,
and preservation of the Krag Rifle.

Gun Links is a comprehensive, well organized directory and search engine for gun related links.

Gun Talk The ground-breaking national radio talk show that covers guns, shooting, and the issues involving firearms.  Gun Talk airs on the Talk America Radio Network, with high-powered intellectual ammunition on guns, crime, politics, the Second Amendment, hunting, competitive and recreational shooting.

Kentucky Long Rifle Site The Kentucky (or Pennsylvania) Long Rifle was the most accurate long-range gun for several decades. This site has a wealth of information about the Kentucky Long Rifle.

Marlin Firearms Collectors Association Our purpose shall be to organize and maintain a membership for educational, charitable, scientific and literary purposes;  to promote a friendship and camaraderie amongst those interested  in the collecting and study of Marlin-made firearms; the holding of regularly scheduled meetings for the sake of conducting the Association business, to display and exchange artifacts and disseminate information on Marlin arms;  to collect, research and preserve arms for posterity.

Littlegun This website features over 7,000 gun photographs! A research group of more than 50 specialists is available and is knowledgeable about civilian and military weapons, especially for Belgian weapons. Site is in English and French.

Ammunition Pages Ammunition information is presented in a simple format so that you the collector, museum curator, police officer, historical re-enactor, military history buff or whomsoever can arrange the information to suit your interests and needs. Ammunition Pages believe the subject of ammunition has been neglected to a large extent in most of the printed works to date, in some cases no mention is made of the ammunition that the bombers, tanks, ships and fighters carried as though the weapon itself was the intended means of destruction. They decided it was time to rectify this omission, hence this website, which is dedicated exclusively to the ammunition itself.

The Firearm Directory Comprehensive link directory resource index for all aspects of firearms including other weapons.

Firearms Talk Firearms, Guns & Weapons community discussion forums. Galleries, Reviews, Articles, Links and much more.

Norwegian Military Small-Arms An informational site on Norwegian weapons published by Trond Wikborg.

The Smoking Barrel is a U.S. website aimed at gun enthusiasts, both novice and experienced. The website aims to help educate and provide advice to people about firearms. Topics covered include gun safety education, tips to help improve effective gun use as well as guides on how to maintain firearms.

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Armour and Edged Weapons
Resources, Research & Collecting

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Sword collectors will enjoy visiting this sword collecting resource site.

Sword Forum International (SFI) is an academic organization promoting swords and swordsmanship as one of mankind's finest achievements in the arts, sciences, humanities, culture and history. In addition, SFI is a publishing house of literature on arms and armor as well as historical swordsmanship. In August 1998, SwordForum.Com was founded to foster an online community comprising historians, scholars, martial artists, collectors, sword and arms makers, and enthusiasts. In January 1999, the quarterly online publication was launched.

The Medieval Sword Resource Site This noncommercial site has been established in order to provide information of interest to students and collectors of European Dark and Middle Ages swords and other edged weapons, with a particular focus on the swords of the Viking Age.

The Klingenthal Site is the official web site of the "Amicale pour la sauvegarde de Klingenthal." This site was created by M. Engels, a descendant of one of the first workers of the Manufactory of Klingenthal. There is some information in English, but make a visit to the French portion where there are a lot of valuable images including a virtual tour of the village of Klingenthal and the remaining buildings of the manufactory, as well as the museum.

Old Swords This is an exciting and comprehensive site designed to hold a vast library of information of use to the antique sword collector. They have a huge image library of thousands of swords and hundreds of examples of official patterns/models from many different nations.

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Militaria Research


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Authors, Books, Magazines & Catalogs

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Bruce Canfield's Web Site is the hottest place I can imagine if you are interested in American martial weapons. Bruce is one of our most popular authors (you will see lots of titles under his name in our book list and his site should not be missed).

Ken Trotman Ltd. is one of England's foremost book dealers specializing in military history and historical weaponry. Their online catalog is a good source for hard- to- find European books.

C. Clayton Thompson-Bookseller boasts the largest selection of Civil War Books on the internet.

Service Publications is a small publishing house that specializes in books on Canadian Militaria and resells quality firearms books.

Krause Publications The world's largest hobby publisher.

North South Trader Civil War Magazine The bimonthly magazine for Civil War collectors, relic hunters and historians.

Blue Book Publications, Inc

Maine Antique Digest This is the Web supplement to America's leading magazine about the art and antiques markets.

Ian Skennerton's Arms & Military Press Author and publisher of quality reference books & International Arms & Militaria Collector Magazine

Bullets and Blades Offering a large selection of reference books.

The Military Rifle Journal is a bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to the identification, usage and history of the world's military rifles.

Arms Heritage is an on-line magazine providing well-researched articles by leading eperts as well as regular editorial features.

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Bonhams & Butterfields success, with its Arms & Armor offerings, positions the firm as the world's leading auction house for antique and collectible firearms and armor. Bonhams & Butterfields offerings include firearms, edged weapons, headgear, shields, medals, and ephemera from every geographic region and historical period. Property includes material fresh to the market of the highest quality and historical interest emanating from collections, estates and private sources not previously offered.

Thomas Del Mar Ltd. Thomas Del Mar Ltd was founded in 2005 and has been holding sales biannually entitled "Thomas Del Mar Ltd in association with Sotheby's" since then. Thomas was formerly Head of Sotheby's Worldwide Department of Arms, Armour and Militaria and assisted Sotheby's with sales in London, New York, Denmark, Zurich, Billingshurst and Hanover. Thomas continues to work as a Consultant to Sotheby's on valuations and sales of major collections. Thomas Del Mar works closely with his former Sotheby's colleagues.

James Julia Auctions Auctioneers and appraisers.

Rock Island Auction has been solely owned and operated by Patrick Hogan. This company was conceived on the idea that both the sellers and buyers should be completely informed and provided a professional venue for a true auction.

Cowan's Auctions Cowan's Auctions, Inc. (formerly Cowan's Historic Americana) is one of the nation's leaders in the sale of Historic Americana, American & European Furniture, Decorative Arts, and American Indian Arts.

San Giorgio Auction House offers arms and armour from all over the world. Auctions include swords, daggers, pistols, guns, edged weapons, helms, shields, medals of honor, katanas and many other original products. Items are of high quality and historical interest emanating from private sources and collections never seen on the market.

Heritage Auctions - Arms & Armor Heritage Auctions, the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer, has joined forces with Greg Martin Auctions of San Francisco, CA, the nation’s top experts in antique arms & armor. Browse, bid on firearms and more, or consign.

Czerny's International Auction House, Ltd. Highly specialized auctioneers of fine arms and armour, important orders and decorations, militaria and historical items. They are located in Sarzana, Italy, a beautiful medieval town situated between Pisa and Genoa, just few minutes away from the beaches of the Italian Riviera. is a detailed, secure and safe way to buy and sell firearms and hunting/shooting accessories including knives and swords. promotes responsible gun ownership. Ownership policies and regulations are followed using licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents. recently surpassed 1.5 million registered users, and has more than 400,000 auctions running at any given time.

Skinner, Inc. Auctioneers and appraisers.

Invaluable The world's premier auctions.

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Clubs & Organizations

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The NRA page needs no other introduction. It includes information about gun collecting and a page devoted to their museum.

The Ohio Gun Collectors Association is a non-profit corporation that promotes friendship for those interested in the collection, possession, and use of arms by responsible persons.

The Washington Arms Collectors is a membership organization affiliated with the National Rifle Association. WAC puts on one of the largest gun shows in Washington State. The WAC is based on the principles set forth by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which states that every free citizen has the right to keep and bear arms.

The Society of American Bayonet Collectors is dedicated to the study, collection and preservation of antique and modern bayonets. The scope of our activities includes all American made bayonets, including those that were produced for export, and also foreign made bayonets that were used by the United States. This also includes related accoutrements such as scabbards, frogs,belts,etc.

The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association exists to promote, support, nurture, and preserve NMLRA's and our nation's rich historical heritage in the sport of muzzleloading through recreational, educational, historical, and cultural venues such as match competition, hunting, gun making and safety, historical re-enactments, exhibits, museums, libraries, and other related programs.

The Winchester Arms Collectors Association (WACA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation with an international membership comprised of over 2,000 individuals. WACA was organized in July 1977, incorporated February 21, 1978 in the State of Montana and has been NRA affiliated (#G8143) since 1978. Their members are devoted to the preservation, understanding and collecting of Winchester firearms and related products as well as the role these products had in forging America’s heritage.

The Colt Collectors Association (CCA) is a non profit organization with an international membership of over 2,600 individuals. The CCA was founded in 1980 and is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and was a major donor to the National Firearms Association museum. The Association is dedicated to the preservation, understanding and collecting of Colt firearms and related products as well as the role they had in forging America's heritage.

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NM Gun Collector Software is written specifically for the serious arms collector. Use it to keep a computerized record of your collection with a variety of ways in which to access your inventory.

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Michael Wheatley; focused firepower  Firearms photography 1-888-554-5955

Jack W. Melton, Jr. Weapons photographer for books and magazines. 770.633.4446.

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Dealers & Businesses

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Dixie Gun Works are specialists in muzzle loading & rare antique gun supplies.

N.E.I. Handtools for precision cast bullet molds.

Smith Enterprises is a gun sales & service site.

Welcome to the Civil War Mall  An on-line shopping mall composed of a group of retailers offering books, prints, photographs, ephemera, manuscripts, maps, autographs, antiques and collectibles for the Civil War Enthusiast!

Anderson Militaria & Americana Selling a vast assortment of Military, Sweetheart Jewelry, GAR, Fraternal, Patriotic, Home Front, Remember Pearl Harbor, Nazi, Ribbons, Pins, Buttons, Badges, Medals, Rings, collectibles of all types, Civil War through WWII. Important material from our personal collections, carefully selected over 50 years, will be constantly added to our website.

Uberti USA The place on the World Wide Web for information about, and access to, the largest and best-known producer of historical firearms in the world, Aldo Uberti & Co.

The Confederate Ordinance site specializes in American Civil War arms, accessories, books and most anything related....They also deal in articles from the American Revolution to WW II.

Fulton Armory  We can take your rifle wherever you want to go, from flawless function to world class accuracy. We are not the biggest, just the best. Fulton Armory specializes exclusively in the AR-15, M14/M1A, M1 Garand & M1 Carbine. It's all we do!

The Walt Moreau On-Line Catalog for classic Antique Arms, Americana, Plains Indian Art & The Fine, The Rare, and the Unusual. Featuring American-Made Weapons and Native American Artifacts from the 1500's - 1900's.

Knife Outlet your internet cutlery source including binoculars, camp tools, flatware, sharpeners, and swords.

Peter Finer is a very high-end English Arms and Armour dealer who offers for sale the finest selection of Antique Arms and Armour. All items are guaranteed to be genuine, of the period stated, and in excellent condition.

Battleground Antiques offers the largest active inventory of authentic Civil War memorabilia in the South by mail order catalog, on-line internet shopping, or the old fashioned walk-in tradition! From mine balls to Confederate Battle Flags, they handle it all. They buy, sell, trade and offer appraisal and documentation services as well as textile conservation and restoration.

Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons are dealers in collectible firearms, edged weapons, militaria and related books, specializing in European military firearms and edged weapons of all periods. They are also an importer of arms and armor books from Europe and Australia.

Dan Antrim - Bookseller carries a very large supply of Firearms and Civil War books.

Navy Arms The first with the finest in quality replica firearms.

The Antique and Collectable Firearms and Militaria Headquarters  serves collectors and students of firearms and military history.

The Lion Gate Arms & Armor site is dedicated to antique edged weapons. They specialize in British Swords.

Baltimore Knife and Sword Co. For over 15 years, the Baltimore Knife and Sword Company has been creating handcrafted, combat-ready arms and armour for historical re-enactors and decorative purposes.

Spanish Main Antiques Specializing in Nautical Antiques & Shipwreck Artifacts, Arms & Armor, and related items.

Monty Whitley Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the finest in antique, rare collectable firearms and accessories. We travel the world buying and selling only the finest items we can find.

Antique Handguns, proprietor: Horst Held  a collector and dealer in Derringers, pistols, revolvers, and odd systems. Pieces are of investment quality. Self-employed since 1965.

J.S. Mosby Antiques & Artifacts carries an impressive array of military collectibles from the Revolutionary War through WW II specializing in the Civil War.

Ken Drake's Antique Arms deals in stone age items through various edged weapons up to guns made as late as 1898.

Paul Ambrose Antiques specializes in the sale of high quality, original European and American firearms and weapons.

David Condon Inc. Dealers in fine Antique Firearms, Edged Weapons & Armor since 1957.

Gunsmither Tools Unique tools for gunsmiths and shooters designed and manufactured by Gunsmith Joe "Elmer" Beary. With over 20 years of experience in cleaning, repairing, and customizing all types of firearms, he has developed quite a few time and temper saving tools to ease the chore of maintaining, repairing, and assembling guns.

Militaria-net  is an online directory for sellers and collectors of militaria. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive directory of UK militaria dealers for people to search easily and quickly. On militaria-net you can locate militaria dealers by an alphabetical search or by a regional search. The site aims to cover all types of dealers from hobbyists to larger businesses which sell internationally.

Downeast Antiques & Collectibles Joseph L. Salter QC is the owner and operator of Down East Trading Company Limited, incorporated in Canada and federally licensed in all categories of firearms. The company and its predecessors Joseph Salter Antique and Collector Weapons have been actively engaged in all aspects of the firearms and collector arms business since the early 1960's. Down East Antiques and Collectibles Inc, is also incorporated in the state of Maine and New Hampshire and is actively involved in the business of antique and collector weapons in the United States.

East Taylor L.LC. Specializing in quality machined reproduction parts for antique guns. All parts are hand fitted to their original guns before shipment. They also offer some original parts.

Therion Arms and Armor Resources Link list for swords and armor with an emphasis upon reproductions and reenactors.

U.S. Military Knives Wonderful old photos and useful articles on this Military Knife site.

Ocala Armory Specializing in antique and collectible firearms. Ocala also works with estates and collections and sells on a consignment basis as well.

Ron Ruble Enterprises  Sales of Antique Swords, Armour, Cannons, Gatlling Guns, Antiquities, Fine Art and other Rare Items

Firearms Engraving by Leonard Francolini Intricate firearms engraving.

John C. Denner, Co. Antique arms and militaria since 1971. Weapon sales, book sales, and appraisals.

Patrick Donnelly Antique Arms Active in the field of antique arms for nearly forty years: buying, selling, trading, consulting, and appraising.

Antique Arms, Inc. While our primary focus is on 18th and 19th century American Arms such as Colt, Marlin, Remington, Smith & Wesson and Winchester, we try our best to offer a wide-ranging selection of items for all collectors.

West Street Antiques One of the leading specialist dealers in the country of Fine Antique Arms & Armour. Their carefully selected stock of mostly English Flintlock & Percussion Firearms, Swords, Polearms & Armour is ever changing and has added to the collections of Museums as well as private collectors. They have been instrumental in starting many fine collections for people whose first introduction to the subject was their shop window, novices whose interest they have nurtured with advice and guidance sharing the benefit of many years of their experience both as collectors and dealers.

Virginia Civil War Relics offers the unique opportunity to purchase and own original historic American civil war relics actually used by soldiers from the war between the states.

Rod Akeroyd & Son A long established company that deals with all aspects of the antique arms and militaria business.

National Gun Day Home of the World's largest gun and military show.

Dennis D. Ottobre's Bayonet Web Site A full time professional bayonet specialty dealer serving the on-line collecting community since 1998. "Otto" is the author of the eBooks Observations On Turkish Bayonets and Bayonets Of Afghanistan.

Bolk - Antique Arms has over 35 years of experience in dealing in fine antique arms and armour, located in the Netherlands.

Vintage Gun Leather  Buyers and sellers of collector vintage western gun leather, old holsters and related items such as Antique Saddles, antique western belts, old western Gun Belts, vintage & old horse tack!

G. Cotter has unique expertise in state-of-the-art metal handling for antique weaponry and they are state and federally certified to repair firearms.

Norm Flayderman Historic arms and militaria.

Antique Gun Room Antique handguns, antique longguns, percussion derringers, cartridge derringers, collectible ammunition, Winchesters, Smith and Wesson, Remington, firearms curiosa, Volcanic pistols, Henry rifles, powder flasks, molds, loading tools.

ArmsVault  Huge directory of firearm information.

Guns International Bringing Gun Buyers and Sellers Together-The Easy Way! Visit this site to find direct contact between gun buyers and gun sellers and browse over 25,000 guns listed for sale.

Homeland Security Safe Co. was founded in 1996. Their products included small office safes, depository safe boxes and wall safes. In the year 2000 they added a complete line of residential safes and vault doors.

Antieke Wapens The market place for buyers & sellers of Antique Weapons, located in Holland.

Michael Simens brings quality Antique Guns, Civil War Swords, and an entire array of antique weapons and related artifacts to collectors in all price ranges. They buy, sell, appraise, authenticate and offer consignment services in all price ranges. Their focus is on American Arms and related materials used from 1750–1898, and they specialize in Civil War Swords and Colt Percussion Arms.

Jim Stanley & Associates specializing in Civil War relics, including bullets, buttons, buckles and excavated firearms and blades.

Garth Vincent Antique Arms & Armour Suppliers of antique flintlock pistols, long guns, percussion pistols, military swords, Japanese swords, and a wide range of antique arms and armour.

Twisted Tree Furniture...Weapon Display Cases Display your collectibles in hand made wood cases by artist David Breedlove. Cases can be made from a variety of different woods and include inlays, finger-joint construction and double locks.

Magazin Royal has been dealing in antique arms and armor for more than 30 years and participate in the most important fairs and auctions in Europe as well as in the States.

CMR International Classic Firearms & Accessories Mauser Broomhandle Pistol and Luger Firearms, accessories. Specialising in original and high quality reproduction Holsters, Pistol Presentation Cases, Gun Parts, Firearms Manuals, Reference books, etc.

Andrew Bottomley Carrying in stock the largest selection of genuine antique weapons for sale in the United Kingdom.
Established in 1968, and well know around the arms collecting world for their previously published
antique arms catalogues, available from 1968-2002. They now sell by mail order via their new website.
All items are guaranteed to be original.

J & J Military Antiques Online catalog, appraisals and discussion forum.

Alaska Arms LLC A state-of-the-art CNC machine shop located in Big Lake, Alaska, with over 35 years of manufacturing experience in fields that include aerospace, medical, military and custom firearms. The last five years they have focused their efforts on serving a discriminating clientele seeking the finest OEM parts for their firearms. All of their products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are certified made in Alaska.

Jay Teague's Historic Antique Arms Collector and dealer of Early American,  Civil War and World Wars military antiques.

Legacy Collectibles Based in Paoli, Pennsylvania, Legacy Collectibles specializes in investment grade handguns while expanding their inventory into a variety of other military collectibles; such as collectible daggers and medals, collectible rifles, and collectibles from earlier time periods.

Rebel Relics carries a wide variety of artifacts from Revolutionary War through Vietnam War. They specialize in Confederate Bowie Knives, Confederate Long Arms, Confederate Uniforms, Confederate Flags, Confederate Revolvers, and Southern Pre Civil War Arms. They also have a passion for Southern Long Rifles, especially Tennessee Long Rifles and Confederate Shotguns, as well as an extensive collection of Tennessee Long Rifles and Southern retailer and Confederate used shotguns. Many items include bayonet adapters and the actual shotgun bayonets that fit the shotgun.

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